August…19 years later.

Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2012 in music, thoughts


The Counting Crows are my favorite band.  Period.  I “jumped on the bandwagon” 19 years ago when I heard Mr. Jones on the radio and I haven’t looked back since.   I have been with them through the ups (This Desert Life) and the downs (Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings) and everything inbetween.  I saw the Blu-Ray DVD they released entitled August and Everything After Live at Town Hall and picked it up because I hadn’t really seen them recorded on video before.  I fell in love with the DVD.  Then, around my birthday or so, I saw that they were putting out a vinyl album of the show they recorded for the DVD.  And what makes the album so great is that it is just a straight play-through set of August and Everything After.  Of course with a couple of tracks of talking, and some, if not most, of the songs updated just a tad – meaning   whole lot of Counting Crows soul, flavor and interludes thrown in.  I really wanted this album because, again, i love the Counting Crows and I really wanted a Counting Crows vinyl for my collection.  Besides their new Underwater Sunshine album this is the only vinyl i could find either on Amazon or Ebay.  Actually, i take that back….on Amazon they do have Recovering the Satellites for sale…used, for $150.

So not only did I get a Counting Crows album on vinyl but I got, essentially, their debut album for just a little more than what a “normal” new vinyl record cost.  I am happy.


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