Hurray for Lower Birth Rates.

Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 in society, thoughts

Lately this study has been circulating around.  I have heard conservative commentators use this study to show that Obama is, himself, lowering the birth rate to continue to make the United States into the image of communist China (and any other communist, marxist, etc., place).  I have a friend who uses this study to show that with the down turn in the economy people are not trusting God to provide for their needs to have children (or more children).

And yet there was some encouraging figures in this study that did link lower birth rates to a struggling economy.

The rate actually only fell 1% last year
First, there is a lower birth rate among single women (it dropped 3%), but among married women it rose 1%.  Second, there is a lower birth rate among teen moms (they have been falling since 1991 and hit another historic low this past year).  Granted, there are a number of good and not-so good reasons as to why the teen birth rate has fallen.  However, those lower figures in those two categories is a win-win for everyone involved.

Add in to that mix couples who are living together (cohabiting) deciding to put off having children.

So, economically, at least for last year, the downturn has not affected the birth rate among married couples (those the community of faith would see as the best place to have children) and, in fact, the birth rate has increased for this group.

Economically, the downturn has persuaded single moms and teen moms not to be as active and has dropped the birth rate.  Something that the community of faith can say is a good thing.  It may not be all the right or best reasons but at least the hardships that can come with having and raising children by yourself as a single mom and/or teen mom was not as frequent as in years past.  And more often than not children born outside of a married couple tend to (though no fault of the child) put a strain on other areas of our society.

So, yes, I am glad the birth rates are down (where it is more healthy for them to be down for the adult and society)….even if it comes at the expense of being a little worse off economically.  And I am glad the birth rate went up for married couples even in rough financial times.  Perhaps they are getting some faith and trust back.

And no, Obama didn’t cause lower birth rates to turn us into China.


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